When you hear someone who knows her grassroots as well as Aareefa say this, you cant help but worry.
He is now supporting me so I can stop, said Devi,.
(Internet has been the biggest problem.They are telling people it is time to leave, said Pravin Patkar, who runs the anti-trafficking organisation Prerana in an outlying area of Kamathipura.About 10,000 female sex workers live in Kamathipura, an estimated third of the total 20 years ago.Brothels are being turned into offices and flats as citys property market takes off.A few pimps stand outside the building casually talking and sizing up potential customers while a police truck is parked just a few steps away. .The eighty-six-year old watchman will dating for adults with learning disabilities tell you that Mahatma Gandhi set up camp here during the freedom struggle.The scattering of prostitution around the city is making it much harder for organisations to reach vulnerable women and their children.It has gone the way of many other Irani restaurants in the city.I found some solace though, minus the beer, across the street at Kayanis, one of the few Iranis still soldiering on in these difficult times.It decided to shut shop.There is a great sense of space at the Brabourne not found in Bombay at restaurants ten times as expensive It serves simple fare: eggs, bread, minced beef, biscuits, tea.The building is barely a few hundred metres away from Lamington Road, a place frequented by customers seeking bargains on the latest gadgets.High rents and the reluctance of the young generation to run an Irani, are two of the biggest factors behind their doom.Aareefa Khan, a womens activist who features prominently in the book and now resides in Nalasopara, says with a mix of hopelessness and dejection, Nothing much has changed in the last 10 years.Fatima, a 32-year-old sex worker, said the building in which she has lived and worked since being sold by her sister to a brothel owner at the age of 12 is slated for demolition.
This is the legendary Congress House; a fortress of whores as the book calls.
Are we not human?