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"Same- sex divorce rate not as low as it seemed".
Retrieved ersson, Gunnar (February 2006).Retrieved " Lesbian couples two and a half times more likely to get divorced than male same- sex couples, ONS figures reveal".17 A study tracking married couples over a 10 year span found lesbian marriages were most likely to end in divorce.16 Netherlands edit In the Netherlands, slightly more marriages between women are recorded than between men: between on average 690 and 610 per year respectively.American Journal of Family Law.Their use improves our sites functionality and enables our partners to advertise to you.3, before the 2015.The vast majority of gay marriages in Denmark are male-male."Court grants divorce to gay couple for first time in Israeli history".The higher rate for lesbians (almost double is consistent with data showing that women initiate most of the heterosexual divorces in Denmark."Gay divorce" redirects here."The high cost of same- sex divorce".4 Some same- sex couples brought civil suits to end their marriages in states that denied them access raf jets scrambled to escort plane to stansted to divorce; civil suits cost more.Retrieved "Lesbians Initiate Divorce As Often As Straight Women".Retrieved Further reading edit Dodge, Jeffrey.Details on how to decline their use can be found in our.Houry,.D.,.P.H., director of CDCs National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.Retrieved Rozen, Miriam (17 December 2012).Contents, conflict of laws edit, in jurisdictions where same- sex unions are not possible, also divorce or annulment is often not possible, while general conflict of law rules sometimes exclude divorce in the jurisdiction where the marriage was celebrated.
21 Many sources cite that lesbian divorce rates are twice the rate of gay male divorce, Data from 2016 data showis a bigger gap, with lesbians being two and a half times more likely to divorce than gay male couples, comprising 78 of same- sex.
When Delaware and Minnesota legalized same- sex marriage in May 2013, they gave their respective state courts the authority to conduct divorce proceedings in cases where a same- sex couple married in the state but neither party currently resided in a state that recognized their.

"Patterns of Relationship Recognition by Same- Sex Couples in the United States" (PDF).