Anonymous (Fri) 04:02:25 25955 Anonymous (Fri) 09:41:31 25965 One of the Girls Ambuja (Sat) 00:56:46 25973 I wrote a story and posted it on a few websites.
I now understand when people say that one could become used to anything, and what at one time may seem unthinkable, if you are forced to do it over and over it becomes the norm and you stop thinking about.
Anonymous (Fri) 00:49:48 25953 25905 25919 Found another one.
Anonymous (Wed) 18:56:41 14192 Anonymous (Wed) 22:49:24 14194 13828 This femdom/forced-bi one kind of touches on that: m/s/the-gaymaker Insidious change - girl/guy swap Mikerpen (Tue) 18:31:30 14330 I have posted some of my favorites on this page, and I am now asking for some help.Would you like a kiss for luck?" She nodded and reached her arms around his neck bending into him.The main story I remember was a young man who got a job at a dress shop and is slowly transformed by the increasingly feminine uniform requirements.Anonymous (Sat) 18:12:24 29840 Bumping due to the three and a half pages of spam.I've read just about all Vickie Tern has written and the references to her are what got me here (through a search with the name).After she saw that I could do it with gusto she took me to the next level.Is not working Anonymous 11/13/2016 (Sun) 08:44:21 30845 looks like there are four parts to "kitten club go to the "super search page" ( ml ) and search for "kitten club" in the title.It was cool and she knew what it would do to her.Anonymous (Sun) 02:06:41 2772 2761 cool story bro Memory escorts in orange county loss story.Brad gets dumped by his girlfriend and decides to take out his sexual frustration on him with a drunken rape.Anonymous 04/27/2013 (Sat) 04:45:50 9511 9408 Still looking for it!ÂIn this game, no matter which route you take you would be caught and violated by seven men eventually.Another was fondling herself so her nipples would stand out.I guess as the days went by and I had to lick ass after ass for practice, I got used.I have been an escort since I finished high school.
Vinciini (Sat) 14:28:38 31485 Anonymous (Sun) 17:25:41 31489 jL (Mon) 23:09:29 31493 31489 That's the best story I have read in a very long time - thank you jL (Mon) 23:10:28 31494 31489 That's the best story I have read in a very long time.
She said my breath stank like a public bathroom and that it usually is a turn on for the clients who would seek my service.