lumia means prostitute in spanish

And no, were not talking about a rooster.
1998, David Baldacci, The Winner : Shirley, you slut around here again, and I swear to God I'll break your neck.Only Puke(et on hot escorts birmingham these Chinese-made honey bean chips, the et after Puke is unfortunately obscured by the packaging design.It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.1728 : John Gay, Beggers Opera Our Polly is a sad Slut!Nokias new smartphone translates in Spanish slang to prostitute, which is unfortunate, but at least the cell phone giant is in good company.Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.You could hire a slut for a few hours, if you're that desperate.In the Georgian richmond brothel melbourne language, the iPhones personal assistant software is a rude word for cock.Fart Bar, in Polish, where this candy bar is made, the name translates to lucky bar.You know you cant be a nice girl inside if you're a dirty slut outside.Outside of Iran, where this detergent is sold, it calls forth something rather less pristine and redolent.
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