In the year in which the Railway servant retires from service he is entitled to katowice escort that number of single journey Post-retirement complimentary passes which represents the difference between the number of privilege passes he is normally entitled to in a calendar year while in service.
The controlling officer should check the entry in the annexure of the card pass at the time of counter-signing TA bill of the staff concerned and give a certificate in the TA bill that entries have been checked from the card pass.( Auth: Bds.E(W)22 PS5-1/8 dated.4.2003 ( RBE.63/2003) SCR.87/2003). .F) Restrictions regarding travel on Nilgiri Darjeeling Himalayan Railways : Duty passes are not admissible over the Nilgiri Railway during the months of April, May and June, except to Officers of Groups A and B of Railways.10.3.2005 ( RBE.39/05) ( SCR.The widow(s) of a Group 'D' Railway employee entitled (or notionally entitled) to one set of Post-retirement Complimentary pass every alternate year, shall be entitled to one set of Complimentary Pass every alternate year.E(W)96 PS5-1/30 dated (RBE 136/2003) travel from school or college to the railway servant's headquarters to see either parent and back to school or college.In case there is more than one widow the passes for widows shall be given by rotation in a specified year. .(xix) Separate Second Class cheque passes to the attendants of railway officers when not accompanying their employers may be issued at the discretion of the General Manager, if considered essential, in the following exigencies only and subject to the conditions given below: (a) In case.The validity of the Pass will be for 3/4 months, as the case may be, from the date of issue.39 Issued vide letter.(v) Privilege Ticket Order shall be valid for three months from the date of issue.Entitlement of pass facilities under Assured Career Progression Scheme (acps) Railway servant who has been given financial upgradation shall continue to hold the old designation and the financial upgradation does not confer any status of the higher scale.The pass will be available for self only, for travel in First Class/AC-II sleeper.(40 Claimant before Railway Claims Tribunal Passes may be issued to the victims/ Claimants of Railway Accidents falling under Sections 124 124-A of the Railways Act,1989.Many male escorts also working as an independent male escort with us and getting rewarded by customers.where the promotion in the higher grade is on ad-hoc basis after working for a minimum of 3 years in the higher grade;. .