Date on which the principal amount of a note, draft, acceptance, bond, or other debt instrument becomes due and payable.
Such information may include, among other things, projections and forecasts.
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While these instruments also have a maturity date, that date is when the last installment payment of the loan as well as the last interest payment is due.How do duration male escorts scotland and time to maturity compare?Debt instruments such as bonds, CDs, and commercial paper are issued with a lifespan that terminates on a specific date, known as the maturity date.Lets take a look at their meanings and try to set the record straight.This can change some terms and language on the contract itself.Matt Tucker takes a look at two key fixed income concepts and explains how each one behaves in a rising interest rate environment.Two terms that often get confused are duration and maturity.A note or promissory note is a written promise to a pay specific amount of money at a future date.Its a phenomenon that weve seen time and again when the Fed hints at a rate hike.In famous japanese prostitution other words, the contract and loan will mature in less than one year from when it was issued.The big difference is in how they are calculated.Neither does the time to maturity.For example, a 10-year bond will mature in 10 years; the holder will receive the principal at that time.Date that the bond finishes and is paid off.The higher a bonds duration, the more the bonds price will change when interest rates escort radar 7500 move, thus the higher the interest rate risk.For bond people, duration isnt just about time.
A bond or other loan that must be repaid comes due on its maturity date.
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In other words, the January 14, 2016 nine-month note would mature on September 14, 2016.