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The number of syphilis cases in California has jumped 18 per cent according to a report from the California Department of Public Health.Member of The Free Speech Coalition.At least nine porn stars were revealed to have contracted syphilis.Read The Full Interview.Syphilis is a treatable bacterial infection that can be spread by both bodily fluids and contact with infected skin.The porn star posted on Twitter yesterday: You can be disappointed, but don't throw stones.Labeled with icra and RTA.If left untreated, it can permanently alter and damage internal organs and brain function.Requests for filming permits for porn shoots have dropped dramatically since LA imposed a law forcing performers to wear condoms during sex scenes.With latin escorts london that diagnosis he returned to work 11 days later, on July 24, still with syphilis.The bacterial infection has a 90-day incubation period meaning a porn actor could potentially be carrying the disease without it showing up on tests.By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised.I can find commonalities with nearly anyone I meet.
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Instead of presenting a paper or digital copy of the test results he showed the producer a copy on his phone so the details about the infection were not visible.