To cut a long story short, we are a united and friendly family.
Maybe, thats why Im sitting near her.
If it's the dating and having sex subject of a sentence, the correct phrasing is, my family and I, as in My family and I spoke to a counselor.He is neither old nor young and works as a businessman at the office.And also, I spoke to a counselor.Of course, youd say, A counselor spoke.There are four.'Cause my teacher says the 1st is correct, but in the books what is meaning of whore I meet only 2nd variant.To begin with, I am going to talk about my father.Other types of questions.In front of my parents sits my grandmother, my mothers mother.I must admit, she is a very understanding person and often is the first to give a helping hand in a difficult situation.My mother is a few years younger than my father.She looks slim and pretty in the photo, so she is in life.