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Naughty Elf on the Shelf Story: This is a story all about a very bad elf on the shelf that ruined my Christmas last year.
This is a fan site made for fun).An Elf Warning For Naughty Kids Make Your Elf On The Shelf Useful Elf On The Shelf Naughty Letter Elf On The Shelf Naughty Letter.They Are Crafty Elf On The Shelf Naughty Letter Elf On The Shelf Naughty Letter Elf On The Shelf Naughty Letter.Then players turn over their Elf cards to tally up their points.Links to our Facebook and Google pages are found here: Bad Elf on Facebook and Google.The game comes with a game board, an Elf mover with stand, four game movers, seven Location cards, eight Elf cards, and a spinner.This is a collection of Bad Elf on the Shelf pictures.Elf On The Shelf Naughty Letter.That cutesy-faced little punk has been causing trouble all over the world.Letter Balloons Nyc, letter Balloons Nyc, free Letters From Santa Sent To You.Each Elf card is worth a different point value, but you won't know how much your card is worth until you turn it over at the end of the game.Please use your preferred social media method to follow us and we'll be on the lookout for your pictures!Home letter Christmas » Elf On The Shelf Naughty Letter.If you spin Nice, you get to move six spaces.Related For Elf On The Shelf Naughty Letter.Write Santa A Letter, write Santa A Letter Write Santa A Letter Crna.