It's amazing being on the rig.
Derek sits Johnny down and offers him an energy drink.
Someone knocks at his door.His first day was a disaster.And not crying when they drop tools on their feet.They bonded their first day of training.You know how to sign up to be an escort we work with screwdrivers a little larger than our thumbs Jeff says.There are plenty of jobs in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Louisiana.Also, the pay afforded him the opportunity to buy a little red sports car."I'm in charge of safety on this shift.The screwdriver was part of a sunglasses repair kit and couldn't have been more than an inch long."What kardashian fame whores do you see in that kid?" he asks.He started out as a roustabout and made his way up the ladder.Above the men, workers are hanging on to the scaffolding.Derek starts work by helping adult escort Johnny and the other leasehands move a large pipe through the platform.Jeff walks over to Derek.Mud pumps are used to cool and lubricate the drilling bit.Derek and Jeff walk over to the mud pumps to listen for any abnormal sounds.He sees Johnny looking lost and confused.Their duties include cleaning up the " dog house" (rig office handling drill pipes, cleaning debris, driving the crew truck, taking mud samples, and assisting crew members.

If you are wanting to jump right into engineering, you might need a little experience; however, it shouldn't take long.
You'll light this place.
The assistant oil rig driller is responsible in supervising the pump man, roughneck and derrickman.