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His oeuvre encompasses several genres, including sculpture, but he is best known for the Cubist paintings he created together with French Spain: Visual arts The most famous, Pablo Picasso, is considered by many to be the most influential European artist of the 20th century.In 1907, Picasso and Georges Braque introduce Cubism, where form no longer appears to follow the traditional rules of three-dimensional representation.Walter committed suicide after Picasso died.The traveling circus and saltimbanques became a subject he shared with a new and important friend, Guillaume Apollinaire."For being a bad prostitute rates in usa student, I was banished to the 'calaboose a bare cell with whitewashed walls and a bench to sit on he later remembered.Interestingly, there are several cases where a paintings colors are quite abnormal, but the luminance is correct.The Soup 1902 were reflected in his depictions of Barcelona street peopleblind or lonely beggars and castaways in 190203 (.He was twice honored with the International Lenin Peace Prize, first in 1950 and again in 1961.Synthetic Cubism (c.1912-19 during his Synthetic Cubism phase, Picasso's forms became larger and more representational, with flat, bright decorative patterns replacing the earlier, more austere compositions.Gilot would go on to marry scientist Jonas Salk, the inventor of the polio vaccine.But Picasso didnt immediately begin painting in that fragmented, Cubist style we all know him for; he had two distinct periods from 1901 to around 1906his.At once destructive and creative, Cubism shocked, appalled and fascinated the art world.