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THE sinful dwarf Sleazy Something Weird 1970-or-so sickie about a deranged woman and her grotesque dwarf son who rent rooms in their run-down apartment building, as well as keeping three kidnapped girls naked, strung out on heroin and locked in the attic for prostitution.
Did you go to the trial?
For a second example, the four-note "Mexico Wax Solvent" riff is as simple as any Pebbles track, but it's a1 escort service set to a funky dance-ass beat motherfucker and comes complete with multiple organ tones, lovely guitar arpeggio and even some gorgeous Stereolab vibes.
This record is best appreciated amongst the true Fall fans though, and perhaps other albums should be bought before this cynical disturbed masterpiece.You're wrong about The Wonderful and Frightening."Where should I start?It took me forever to get into "Hex Enduction Hour but I feel it was worth the wait.Hey Brain of J, you're a funny guy but how is this more interesting, dynamic, blah, blah than Hip Priest?Christmastime alone is worth the price, a brilliant song, amazing rhythms floating through the ether, etc.So here are some examples of this phenomenon, presented in bold living text to get you all excited about yet another live Fall CD that nobody's gonna buy.Ta Ta Add your thoughts?Only four tracks remain; two are experimental (one of these - "C'n'C S mithering" is about the music business, and is truly amazing and the other two are great early Fall epics, "The.W.R.A." and "Impression.And the usual delight of Smiths bitchy thought conceits is reduced to uninspired moaning about stocks and docs.This was the first one with Craig Scanlon, though, and I love his guitar style - he is prostitution legal in sydney australia and Steve Hanley provide some of the finest Fall moments instrumentally.(Dan Westoby) Not too sure about most of the album, but I still wait for the day when I find a club good enough to play "City Dweller" at intense volume.The Fall's A Part Of America Therein, however, is a different product completely.Good title though.* THE VAN Dopey, worthless 70s sex comedy about a perpetually giggling young man who spends his life savings on a customized van so he can get laid.Undersecretary OF human resources, HIP priest records, INC.: Yes, it does appear.You're either listening to every shit live record and deciphering the lyrics, or you're just not bothered.This Fall album is interesting in that there is absolutely no middle ground: people either love it or hate.First off, New Zealand is a fantastic place, so don't knock.Their previous releases - 2006's Live At The Knitting Factory-Los Angeles-14 November prostitution in roodepoort 2001, 2006's Live At The Garage-London-2006's All Tomorrow's Parties: Live At The ATP Festival-were earnest, respectable efforts that offered their fair share of pleasures but did not establish a distinct or significant new.
With all the cracks and drop-outs of my vinyl copy lovingly preserved.
Reader Comments (Ian Galley) A friend of mine got this recently and it's his introduction to the Fall.