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Daenerys first step toward taking control in the bedroom was a very welcome move from the prior excruciating scenes of Drogo taking her from behind and was swiftly followed by some rare-for.
There's a throwaway line in the second book where Tyrion says 'Oh, we should hire some whores for Joffrey, maybe that would let him calm down a bit.' And we thought, we have to see that scene.24 Underneath the Volantene aristocracy, the city has a massive population of slaves.She is visited by Varys, though she doesn't realize who he is until she discovers his eunuch status.Tyrion leaves Varys to chat with local swinger couples the whore Clea, but he is still so distraught about killing Shae that he doesn't really think he has the spirit to have sex with her.Left alone with Shae, Ros explains that she helps Littlefinger manage his affairs.They walk through the crowded markets on the massive Long Bridge, and note the city's vast slave population, their faces tattooed to identify their ocupations.Varys gets Ros to admit she's afraid of Littlefinger, and tells her that unlike her current employer, he protects those who work for him.Mhaegen is dragged into the room, holding her baby girl Barra who is one of Roberts bastards.Ros's captivity is revealed.Volantis is still a freehold, like Valyria before.He loads his crossbow as Ros warns him that his uncle might find out.The tigers have been out of favor for the three hundred years since the Century of Blood, never holding more than one position in the triumvirate.Joffrey uses Ros as a live target, brutally killing her by having her tied to his bed and shooting her multiple times with a crossbow, his first personal kill.Instead, trade and travel between Volantis and Slaver's Bay is commonly done prostitution dakar plateau by sea, with ships sailing far around Valyria (careful to avoid the Smoking Sea in the middle of the shattered peninsula).She updates a slightly incredulous Varys on Podrick's apparently prodigious sexual skills, which she has had trouble verifying as the usually descriptive prostitutes he slept with seem to have been rendered speechless.In the brothel, they see that one of the prostitutes is dressed up in a Daenerys costume for the amusement of her clients.9 Ros is still visibly upset about the death of Barra.25 The slave-masters in Volantis have a very organized system for identifying their slaves, giving them small tattoos on the left cheek of their faces that symbolize what tasks they are assigned to do: A fish - for slaves that work on a fishing vessel.Peterson confirmed that these are not in Valyrian script, or any real script at all: they are just set dressing that the art department put together and contain no sensible/translatable messages.
23 The Volantene ruling elites pride themselves on their cultural refinement, feeling this is a sign of their continuity with the high society of Old Valyria.
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