poetry brothel electric forest

There is no divide, no rules, no labels to their being.
The whores in turn construct a persona that fits the mood.And soon the entire forest is yelling out for the fabled and forever missing Carl.We were able to capture the magic of those people who attended the festival with some pictures and words to go along with.Jam meets electronic in the most perfect harmony.We were told we had to evacuate back to the tent.Perhaps whats more surprising is that its legal.June 20, 2018, once I dare Once I dare to write my story, Memories crowded falling me weak And words played hide and seek.This isnt very forest.Your night of birth was.Worn down from sleepless nights 4am ticking by, didn't even notice.February colorado springs prostitution 17, 2014, life is like a wind hamburg red light district prostitution prices It takes the birds And the vultures also Knowing it will eat them all through Balance is always necessary For you and the Birds At times the weather would vary You have then turn.Theres a barber shop, a tattoo parlor, a candy store, a water park, a massage parlor, and even a poetry brothel hidden under a fireplace in an old airplane hangar in the middle of the woods.Im worried about the story were supposed to publish.
This is therapy, it says.

I can feel myself tensing.