But Wiltshire Police say the majority of those living a transient life have been trafficked from Poland and Romania.
In any one week, up to 40 sex workers were marketing their services in properties for a few days before moving.
Last year, police said hotels and guest houses in the Lake District were also being used as brothels, offering prostitutes during weekend stays.
Det Sgt Hitchcock added that the force was currently monitoring a total of between 170 and 190 women involved in sex work predominantly in Swindon.Rise OF POP-UP brothels, uK beauty spots being exploited by human traffickers setting up brothels in holiday homes 'I want my wife back!Hangover part III, trio's Hangover-style night of hookers, casinos and a stranger passed out in their car lands them in court.He added: "Officers look to intervene and see if we can offer safeguarding, and see if organised crime is involved, as often as we can".THE problem of pop-up brothels is highlighted in a BBC Inside Out West documentary, on Monday.30pm.The Sunday Times also, want to read more?Start your free trial.Six months ago officers detained 16 people from Romania over 'here today, gone tomorrow' bawdy houses in the town.However, soliciting south africa prostitute pictures in public, pimping, and owning or managing a brothel are all crimes.Officers say they are dealing with around 30 pop-up brothels based in residential areas just six months after why prostitution is bad for society a Romanian gang were busted for opening brothels in the town and more than 40 potential victims of human trafficking were identified.He said that officers were looking to intervene and see if we can offer safeguarding, and see if organised crime is involved, as often as we can.Start your free trial, no 10 considers new laws on sex trafficking."Not every girl that we come across has been trafficked, but they are largely vulnerable.Similar raids in the city of Ploiesti 20 miles north of Bucharest resulted in 13 men and three women arrested, and 40 potential trafficking victims arrested.Up to 30 pop-up brothels are being opened each week in Swindon, police have said.In April 2016, one of the first cases of so-called pop up brothels emerged in Cumbria in the small town of Barrow.Det Sgt Chris Hitchcock estimated up to 30 brothels were short to medium-term lets - and landlords have been warned to be on their guard.
The National Crime Agency (NCA) last night accused firms such as Google and Facebook of making profits from the trafficking of vulnerable women, many of whom end up in temporary sex clubs and massage parlours that have sprung up around the country.
Certainly you wouldnt see anything in the local papers or women touting for business in the street.

Swindon has seen a brothel boom with the force receiving 60 complaints in 2014 - and 112 in 2015.
We have seen an increase in the setup of pop-up brothels across a number of force areas.