Retrieved Ordnance Survey (2005).
"Charles Lucas: Boyces Avenue people, cars or both?".5 6 Clifton Lido was built in 1850 but closed to the public in 1990, it was redeveloped and opened again to the public in November 2008.Grand houses that required many servants were built in the area.2011 Census Ward Information Sheet.The suburb is primarily a residential area, with the only commercial premises being the Lion pub.Although the suburb has no formal boundaries, the name Clifton is generally applied to the high ground stretching from Whiteladies Road in the east to the rim of the Avon Gorge in the west, and from.31 A number of films have also been set in Clifton, including The Truth About Love (2005) starring Dougray Scott and Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Foolish Things (2005 starring Lauren Bacall and Anjelica Huston, and Starter shemale escort in doha for 10 (2006 starring James McAvoy data escort adapter kaspersky and produced.Avon Gorge to the west.The UK arm of the conservation charity Ape Action Africa, which rescues and rehabilitates chimpanzees and gorillas in Cameroon, West Africa, operates out of Clifton.In Clifton ward, 27 of the adult population (aged 16 to 74 years) is in full-time education.Natural history edit Clifton has a long history of natural history television programming and global conservation, due to the presence of Bristol Zoo in the north of the ward and the proximity of the BBC Natural History Unit, which means that more than.36 37 References edit "Clifton" (PDF)."Jacob's Well, Bristol, Britain's only known medieval Jewish Ritual Bath (Mikveh (PDF).Archived from the original (PDF) on 22 November 2009.
10 11 Geography and transport edit Immediately north of Clifton is Durdham Down, a relatively flat and open area, used for recreation purposes.

In some passages characters debate whether Clifton could ever become viable and whether investment in real estate there would not be too risky  questions which were evidently quite relevant at the time though to the modern reader the answers are obvious.
3 4 Clifton is one of the oldest and most affluent areas of the city, much of it having been built with profits from tobacco and the slave trade.