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In Freakonomics, they explore the hidden side.They usually begin with a mountain of data and a simple question.Bonus material added to the revised and expanded 2006 edition.The number of children out of school has risen sharply since 2009 and diseases that were once under control, such as rabies, are back.The country desperately needs elections.Dubner, which led to the creation san antonio escorts backpage of this ven Freakonomics columns written for the New York Times Magazine, published between August 2005 and April lected entries from the Freakonomics blog, posted between April 2005 and May 2006 at m/blog/.The original New York Times Magazine article about Steven.Besides, the alternatives are conspicuous by their absence: Malagasy politics have been dominated by Messrs Ravalomanana and Rajoelina for a decade and few other candidates can match the support base of the former or the incumbent advantage of the latter.Madagascar Oil, a London-listed company, plans to start producing 1,000 barrels per day (bpd) of heavy oil from its Tsimiroro field in early 2013.In the end, it will come down to how much pressure sadc and other influential players, such as France and the United States, decide to exert.Emilie Filou : freelance journalist.All it takes is a new way of looking.Thus the new field of study contained in this book: Freakonomics.Policymaking has been piecemeal since the coup, with six prime ministers in four years.What unites all these stories is a belief that the modern world, despite a great deal of complexity and downright deceit, is not impenetrable, is not unknowable, andif the right questions are askedis even more intriguing than we think.But Mr Ravalomanana, who fled to South Africa after the coup, was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment for charges related to the shooting of 30 protesters during the 2009 uprising.Mr Rajoelina says he offered to cut such a deal but that his rival declined.Dubner, an award-winning author and journalist.
How much do parents really matter?

What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?