Legalisation compounds the harms of prostitution rather than relieving them.
The Sex Industry Offences Act states that a person must not be a commercial operator of a sexual services business that is, "someone who is not a self-employed sex worker and who, whether alone or with another person, operates, owns, manages or is in day-to-day."Bartlett unlikely to legalise brothels."Sydney Morning Herald ".When the oppositional Coalition government was elected in 1992 it decided to retain the legislation.Women's Studies International Forum.Dozens of elderly and frail South Koreans met their Northern relatives for the first time since the peninsula and their families were divided by gay male escorts washington dc war nearly seven decades ago AFP/Getty 11/52 The flag of the United Nations flying at half-mast to mark the death.There, I instructed him to take a quick shower and await my return."every person who owingly permit or suffer prostitutes or persons of notoriously bad character to meet together and remain therein, shall be liable to a penalty of not more than Five Pounds".Reproductive Health Matters Journal.Australian Capital Territory edit History edit Prior to passage of the 1992 Prostitution Act, prostitution policy in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) consisted of "containment and control" under the Police Offences Act 1930 12 This prohibited keeping a brothel, persistently soliciting in a public place.122 This was opposed by religious conservative groups, progressive feminist groups as well as community organisations with concerns about the potential a legalised sex industry to bring organised crime to the state as has happened in states such as Victoria.56 Pressure from reform came from women's groups such as Women Against Discrimination and Exploitation (wade).Further decriminalisation of premises followed with the 40 implementation of recommendations from the Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly Upon Prostitution (198386).Carpenter Government legislation edit Much of the debate on the subject under this government centred on the Prostitution Amendment Act 2008, 169 introduced in 2007 by the Alan Carpenter 's Australian Labor Party Government.As part of Insight's look at sex and disability, here's a breakdown of sex work laws around the country, and how they may work alongside the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
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