Er, let me explain.
If so, please shoot me an email.
A few years ago, I tried to track it down to do a brothels in australia statistics Scouting NY piece on it, but couldnt locate the address.
Maybe you oil rig workers and prostitutes were taken by a friend to a party one night at a strange Chinatown apartment with eight microscopic bedrooms and gang showers?Though everyone I met was very ford mk2 escort wiki nice (a very bohemian mix of artists I ultimately declined to live there.But Ive never forgotten the place.Id love to photograph it if its still out there and try to dig up more information on its history.More Greg Goes to, new, york, city: DAY 1: m/watch?RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or, tumblr?There were eight bedrooms in total surrounding the living room, and Im not exaggerating when I say they were literally the smallest bedrooms Ive ever seen in New York City.Please try again later.So has anyone out there ever heard of this apartment?China town, the hidden prostitution, loading.This feature is not available right now.So I know this an unusual request, but Im wondering if anyone can help me track down a Chinatown brothel.Yes, shower room if Im remembering right, one large room with shower heads on all four walls.Each room was barely barely big enough to hold a full-size mattress, with maybe one foot of extra floor space.It was a second or third floor walk-up, and thats where my memory ends.Originally intended as a communal shower, it had since been divided up with shower curtains for privacy.Each of the eight prostitutes had had her own miniscule room for servicing clients (I suppose the in-room sink was a courtesy of sorts).Strangely though, each room had its own sink.

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