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Forms to request that a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor conviction be vacated may be obtained from the express classified escort courts, online at urts.Criminal history record information : Data contained in records collected by criminal justice agencies other than courts, consisting of descriptions and notations of arrests, detentions, indictments, informations, or other formal criminal charges, and any dispositions, including sentences, correctional supervision, and release.There are still a few great sites available to players in the state of Washington though, and players will not want for a good game if they desire to play.An offender who has been discharged may request, by motion, that the sentencing court vacate the conviction.If a defendant is acquitted or the court determines charges should not go forward, the record shows the action has been dismissed.Expunge : To physically destroy information.If either of these things happen, the court sets a contested hearing to address the sealing.Mobile interfaces vary wildly in quality across the online gambling industry, and this one is among the most useful we've seen yet.If a case is dismissed with restitution still owing, the court shall enter a restitution order for any unpaid restitution.Like we've discussed above, the penalties affecting individual players are mostly theoretical in nature and haven't ever been used in practice, but this isn't true on the operator side of the fence.However the court may order the juvenile court record resealed upon disposition of the subsequent matter if the case meets the sealing criteria described above and the court record was not previously resealed.This poker room has the highest traffic for cash games of any site open to Americans.