2.02: Minor fixes: Fixed a bug where the Yngvild quest could get stuck if character was sneaking.
So those mods are recommended if you take this quest.
Recompiled almost everything with latest SexLab.
Drink Dreams : adds 3 single-use lesser powers (Fascinate, Enrage, Misdirect).I can't find Arcadia's Love Elixir.Even though there are permanent magic effects in this mod, they can safely be escort forte poitrine removed via the console.2.10: Small expansion, various fixes, general house-cleaning: Added a transition to Simple Slavery and / or Devious Cidhna's Pirate scenario when Angrim is done with the character.1.01: Updated to Devious Devices.5 Added several radiant quests and 4 new spells.If it drops below.0, the decline has started, and a red cross-fade effect will show to remind you.Fixed bug with broken restoration enchants for Succubi.Fixed an intermittent bug with detecting Succubus Race characters correctly.Switched plug set to separate plugs, for latest Devious Devices.The spells include: Bloodlust : a single-use berserker power that enhances destruction and combat.Fixed the AI behavior so the Emissary does not wander off between animations.New Side Quests: The 'Dalliance' radiant quest has two potential destinations now.There are several sex magic spells included, most of which may be learned and cast by the player character.If best friend bracelets patterns neither mod is loaded, he just sends her on her way.
Added hints to several Whiterun NPCs directing the player to Angrim (for immersion).

The 'Bloodlust' power only becomes available for Succubi, and only after completing the 'Dalliance' quest and either using 'Drink Soul' three times, or having a lot of rough sex.
Drink Vital Essence : increases health by 20-60pt depending on quest conditions.