In Cayo District, the route gets hillier.
I share your sentiments only my return trip allowed me some very interesting comparisons.
The verdict is in: I can readily recommend this trip or one similar.Anchored pahrump legal brothels offshore in the distance is a cruise ship.Driving through Belize and Guatemala is an adventure in itself.His eyes get big as saucers; hes not used to hitching rides with gringos way up here.The tallest of the pyramids at 212 feet, Temple IV juts high above the trees.After a week of keeping an eye peeled for them, I was gun-shy back in the.S., certain I was going to slam on the brakes to keep from smacking into one of these asphalt crocodiles.Eric shines his light; a few feet from one of the offering pots on the ledge rests a human skull, the remains of a sacrifice, keeping watch across the centuries over all who pass.One needs to beware before embarking on such a drive that escorts dayton oh the rules are different.He is pulling double-duty, watching us and guarding a walk-up window where a clerk collects fees and also cashes paychecks for Guatemalan locals.What I can report with confidence is this: Belize and Guatemala are blessed with good, hardworking people and spectacular natural and historical wonders.In the Belizean Highlands: the Cayo District.Unlike much of Europe, there is a zero tolerance policy towards all drugs and with a few exceptions (most notably Uruguay) even a single leaf of hemp can possibly get you into rentals are easy enough.As you may have guessed, we dont die in a hail of bullets.There is (in theory at least) a common travel area encompassing Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua called CA4, but the effect this will have on you is probably minimal as most people get visa-free entry to those countries anyway.T he town is colorful and old and retains its Spanish colonial character, with narrow, curving streets and shoulder-to-shoulder buildings.The ride back is so much better than the ride out, the air fresh and cool, and we disembark with a spring in our step. We headed for Antigua, well not at first, but its where we ended up (and not so dry either). .Dollar for each two Belizean dollars.We get in line and present our passports, get looked over, and my wife and daughters are allowed to walk across the border.

For the more active traveler, let San Pedro be your first destination for a variety of adventure activities.
The ferryman starts cranking and pulls the contraption across the river.