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Back in school, when she first started questioning her sexuality, she confided in a friend that she might be a lesbian.
Police said they suspect that names of several top businessmen who were possibly involved worksop prostitutes in the racket may surface in the investigation.
"In most of the government offices in Guwahati, a majority of the workforce comes from lower Assam.These hawk-eyed reporters are the first to notice, and sometimes even cause, a spot of trouble.They will say women are polluting offices, so send them to the kitchens.If men can smoke in public, so can.Also read: Cops raid spa in Guwahati, nab 10 girls for prostitution.What drink is she holding?Frustration at such moral policing finds vent on social media, in the form of satirical Facebook groups such as Scumbag Assamese E-Media Memes and Assamese Medias Victims.Milaap 15 most beautiful women in the world.There are frequent brawls as well that usually start with the line: Muk sini puwa nai?Maybe it was a fancy-dress competition.Another sex racket was busted.Small consolations like this dont go unnoticed.