slang word for prostitute in spanish

Literally, what flies with you?
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Crunk: This is a verb that means to get high and drunk at the same time.Randal Sheppard licensed cc by-sa.0 Expressions of profanity, just like any other, are generally not translatable between languages word-for-word.Yuma: A word used to describe a foreigner or a person from the United States.Cara is Spanish for face and culo is the rear.Asere or acere: Good friend.This is the reason the list below does not offer a literal translation; instead, it shows the vague sense an expression conveys.Do you have any good ones to add?This is the reason why this is the vocabulary most language learners look to master first.The Crass Ass cara de culo (ass-face Yes, this is actually a thing!Amped-Out - Fatigue after using amphetamines, methamphetamines.Joya literally means a gem but people used it to describe others escorts sanantonio who have done something nice.

In places like Mexico and Puerto Rico you could also try mamabicho.
In the rest of Latin America, though, huevo has a slightly milder connotation as its slang for an imbecile, coward, loafer, or just an idiot.
As Despicable as Poop Come mierda y muere!