Does anyone have photo's of nickel escort's?
All three are 61-2.
Price was 365.00 OTD.The recoil spring was situated sex second date good bad on top of the fixed barrel.Cbvanb prostitution las vegas casinos # 11, 01:38 AM Member Join Date: Jun 2009 Location: Auburn WA Posts: 9,860 Likes: 19,668 Liked 8,925 Times in 3,724 Posts John, as always, a great and informative article!Foxy320 #, 11:27 PM swca Member Join Date: Nov 2009 Location: upstate SC / Mtns SW Va Posts: 3,889 Likes: 2,007 Liked 5,721 Times in 1,340 Posts I pick one up at last gunshow, nickel 61-2.The original model 61 suffered some reliability problems but by the last variation, 61-3, they were able to eliminate those issues.By the summer of 1965, an interesting design had been firmed up, ready for testing.I never followed their demise.Semperfi71 # 17, 05:55 PM US Veteran Join Date: Jan 2012 Location: NE Ohio Posts: 4,026 Likes: 3,430 Liked 3,953 Times in 1,265 Posts": Originally Posted by Richski When I was a kid, I remember my grandfather had one of these, which he used.Attached Thumbnails Richski # 16, 03:23 PM US Veteran Join Date: Nov 2006 Location: Central New Mexico Posts: 2,673 Likes: 1,172 Liked 1,057 Times in 389 Posts Excellent article.Last edited by Sebago Son; at 10:44.What that translates to is that there were not a lot of Model 61's produced period.They are overbuilt for.22 and have that full size revolver feel that the K frame size.Right or wrong, I didn't trust the safety enough to carry it in my pocket, so I got rid.

Let me know if you want to sell these (if you still have them) I'll take them off your hands for.
Shooting 100 rounds with the above results makes very happy I bought the 61-2.
The pile remained unreduced for several months.