Possible loss of your job when your employer finds out about your conviction.
Our Michigan prostitution and solicitation attorneys act quickly to reclaim your motor vehicle if it was taken, and ensures that a prostitution conviction never appears on your record.If a police officer observes what he or she thinks is a transaction, what if the officer misinterpreted what happened?Michigan takes a harsh stance on pimping and procurement.We fight for anyone accused of prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute to ensure your rights are upheld.We have shacklewell lane hackney prostitutes experience defending against sex offenses such as: We deal solely with criminal defense tricities escorts cases, and have the experience necessary to earn you your freedom.Our lawyers have extensive experience in prostitution cases and can guide you through these decisions while still leaving you in complete control of your outcome.Let Us Defend Your Michigan Solicitation Charges.Because of the way the statute is worded, either a prostitute or a customer could be charged under 750.448, depending on the circumstances and who initiates the transaction.A fine of up to 1,000, however, the crime of prostitution may be a felony when if you have two or more prior convictions.What is Considered Payment?If you have a spouse or a romantic partner, you may be worried how your charge will affect your relationship when your partner finds out.You probably have questions about the best steps to take to earn your freedom, and exactly how to keep your record clean.If your lawyer can show reasonable doubt, such as showing a jury that no money changed hands or no sexual activity took place, then you may stand a good chance at being found not guilty, having your charge dismissed, or your penalties reduced.Anyone who transports, aids, or assists in transporting a person for the purpose of prostitution could also spend 20 years in prison.Committing either of these misdemeanor offenses could result in a 93 day prison sentence and a fine of 500.Each offense carries with it the penalties of jail time, mandatory testing for sexually transmitted diseases, the social stigma associated with the commission of these offenses, the potential to have any vehicle used in the commission of any of the above acts forfeited to the.To commit prostitution or any other lewd or immoral act.When prostitution is a felony, a conviction can result in: Up to 2 suspensão escort hobby 94 years in prison.The attorneys at, grabel Associates defend clients in all 83 counties in Michigan.
Being Charged With Prostitution, Solicitation, Or Gross Indecency Carries A Social Stigma That Can Ruin Your Social Life And Career.