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The Genesis Awards pay tribute to news and entertainment media for outstanding work that raise public understanding of animal issues.3 The scene with Paul Watson's crew throwing "stinky butter" at the whalers refers to Watson and his crew's practice of throwing stink bombs containing butyric acid, an acid found in rancid butter and cheese, at Japanese whaling vessels, including the factory vessel, the Nisshin.The two Japanese cities were destroyed by atomic weapons during the final stages of World War II under orders.S.He shows them a doctored photographgiven to Japan by the United States after the bombingof the Enola brothels warsaw map Gay piloted by a dolphin and a killer whale.Liebman, Martin (March 5, 2010)."South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season Blu-ray Review".A b c Loubet, 97 escort motor Michel (October 30, 2009)."South Park: Whale Whores".2 3 4 By having the Japanese attack the dolphins at the Denver Aquarium in the middle of a dolphin riding demonstration, it has been suggested the episode highlights the link between visiting dolphins at marine parks and the reality of how aquatic wildlife are.13 In February 2010, "Whale Whores" was nominated for a Genesis Award in the television comedy category.The episode ends as Randy congratulates Stan for making the Japanese "normal, like us".15 Home release edit "Whale Whores along with the thirteen other episodes from South Park 's thirteenth season, were released on a three-disc DVD set and two-disc Blu-ray set in the United States on March 16, 2010."South Park: "Whale Whores" Review".11 Carlos Delgado of iF Magazine said " South Park swung and missed" with "Whale Whores".The Japanese agree to cease their whaling efforts and start slaughtering cows and chickens, storming farms full of the animals."South Park "Whale Whores" Manages To Hilariously Offend Everyone Equally".Retrieved January 28, 2010.Eventually, Butters (who is also too busy) informs Stan about the television show Whale Wars, stating that they can take volunteers to help them.
Kyle declines, feeling they can't change Japan's views on the issue.
12 Paul Watson said he was not offended by his portrayal in the episode, and was glad "Whale Whores" brought the issue of dolphin and whale slaughter to a large audience, as well as the role of the Japanese in the deaths.
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