surry hill brothel arrest

A Touch Of Class opened at 377 Riley Street in 1972 and sex trafficking in brothels grew to fill three Victorian terraces which stand opposite the Forresters Hotel.
Phillip Waterfield, of Nelson Bay, who recently celebrated 50 years as a Freemason, claimed to know nothing about A Touch of Class despite being a director of the company that owned the building and the director of another involved in the business.
The massage parlour has previously been described as the 'most controversial piece of real estate in Sydney' and more crudely as 'a clutch of tarts'.
Memories of A Touch of Class, detailing 'life in Australia's best-known bordello was written by its late madam Zara Powell with journalist Ros Reines.Both were refused bail and will appear at Central Local Court today (Thursday ).An unverified story in Paul Barry's biography of Packer has him once hiring the entire venue so his polo-playing friends could be entertained by 'some good, clean girls'.The 31-year-old man and 32-year-old woman were both charged with take/detain in company with intent to get advantage occasioning actual bodily harm.Kate declared bankrupt in 1954 and died in 1964. .'Some have been famous, others not quite so well-known.Police have executed two search warrants and charged two people after a man was allegedly assaulted at a brothel Sydneys inner-city last month, NSW Police say.Bradley Lester Grey was extradited to Canberra yesterday, after being arrested in the Sydney suburb of Auburn.In the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday Mr Grey was refused bail, due to concerns he could interfere with witnesses.The ABC understands the alleged victim the charges involve was brought to the ACT in August of 2015, and worked in a Canberra brothel between December 2015 and March 2016.The bordello rose again as Misty's, run by madam Suzelle Antic, until she moved her girls to Newtown in September 2016.Australia's most famous brothel A Touch of Class in Riley Street, Surry Hills, as it was in 1982.Kim Hollingsworth did escort work through A Touch of Class before joining the NSW police.The three terraces that once made up A Touch of Class as well as two adjacent blocks - one of which is just a facade - were sold to the one buyer for 7,900,000 in February last year.A discrete side entrance allows access to A Touch of Class from Foveaux Street in Surry Hills.Nov 1926, norman Bruhn, a standover man from Melbourne, arrived in Sydney and set up in the Cross. .Detective Superintendent Scott Moller from ACT Policing said the arrest was the culmination of a six-month investigation.

The brothel closed in late 2007 and was put up for sale the following year but was taken off the market when bidding did not reaching the asking price.
One prostitute told the authors of a New South Wales politician who would always arrive with a shopping bag containing one item: a wind-up alarm clock.
Tilly promises judge to leave Sydney for two years.