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But it is reported to have been in use in North Carolina.1845 If he comes by way of Norfolk he will find any number of pretty Hookers in the Brick row not far from French's hotel.Around 100 years ago, the meaning was basically the same as today : someone who engages in (promiscuous/indiscriminate) sexual activity for some form of payment.Old English weodhoc "weed-hook).In your documenting of prostitution for your work, consider watching Cronenberg's.A handsome volume, in good type, with high-class illustrations.Of men, in reference to homosexual acts, from 1886 (in form prostitution phrase male prostitute attested by 1948).1864, from high (adj.) class (n.).The family name Hooker (attested from.975.E.) would mean "maker of hooks or else refer to an amber white escort agricultural laborer who used a hook (cf.But aside from very specific historical/religious settings, and but for a trivializing and romanticized view of what this is about, that always meant the very same thing; basically asking someone to withstand a sexual assault for money.Should Kate become a high-class call girl in the national interest?Word of the Day plage.Historical Examples, he is off to Paris, where he will get a fine berth in a high-class business.German prostituierte, Russian prostitutka, etc.British Dictionary definitions for high-class high-class adjective of very good quality; superiora high-class grocer belonging to, associated with, or exhibiting the characteristics of an upper social classa high-class lady; a high-class prostitute.In any case the concept of a worker is a useful vector for legal protection yet it is unconscionably recycled by an industry always on the lookout for new "talent money).Word Origin and History for high-class adj.In some juridictions soliciting sexual services could be illegal.Eliason, "Tarheel Talk 1956).So your book might explore the very great challenge of caring for women(and children) who are exploited, from violence, safeguarding communities, while disabling the criminal networks which indulge in human trade and drug trafficking; as those are always systematically connected.This is something done routinely with drugs."prostitute often traced to the disreputable morals of the Army of the Potomac (American Civil War) under the tenure of Gen.
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With a spate of layoffs kicking in, worrying about your 401(k) starts to look like a high-class problem.

The job is about caring, sort of like a nurse but with sex.