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(9) we have got (10) to the problem of private cars, and some cities are so noisy and (11) that in many places (12) have been banned from the city centre.
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Yes, there but not very serious.How will we be travelling in a hundred yearstime?I think this lesson is of great importance for all of us!These codes tend to decrease the number of deaths.The ecological problems of noise and pollution should be solved not only by scientists, but we all should try to do something.Buses, trams and (5) railways had already been invented, and cities all over the world already had traffic (6).Bicycles were also becoming (3), after the invention of the air-filled (4), which made cycling a lot more comfortable.Every country of the world has its special rules and regulations of traffic.A vehicles B traffic C transport D trips.I tried a fresh backup several times, each with the same results.There may be no need to (14) to work or school in the future, since everyone will have a computer at home.(A noise, B polution, D traffic jams) III.A exercise brothel in birmingham uk B keep fit C energy D healthy (key : 2-D, 3-A, 4-C, 5-C, 6-D, 7-A, 8-C, 9-B, 10-D, 11-B, 12-A, 13-B, 14-D, 15-A.).His mother and father, Renate and Eduard Flammer are both German and immigrated in the late 60's to South Africa from Frankfurt and Tubingen which was then known as the former West Germany.I lost my phone while on a trip in Europe, after returning I tried a backup only to find that all data within the app was lost (literally as if I had never used the app before).A by,.To sum up our lesson let us have some fun.More than 50 of the population of our planet have their personal cars and use them almost every day.
A metro, b buried.
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A even B polluted C so D poisoned.
Conclusion: Today we have done a lot and known a lot about the Highway Code of Russia for pedestrians, we have heard the reports about the history of the Highway Code and we have compared it with the British one.