the poetry brothel berlin

Felicia enjoys absinthe while drawing liquid poems from a well that reaches directly to Hell, thanks to a joint appointment at Our Lady of the Screaming Banshee.
Share this article: Berlin and burlesque have a long history.
The ticket is your gateway to the venue, the party, live music and performances.
About the Poetry Brothel: The Poetry Brothel, the brainchild of Stephanie adult escort Berger, is a unique and immersive poetry event that takes poetry outside classrooms and lecture halls and places it in the lush interiors of a bordello.And for those who read this till the end shhh and keep this to a whisper: we are super happy and proud to announce you that Stephanie Berger will be one of our Madames of honour!Intersecting sexuality, liberation and culture, here are the best burlesque experiences.If you are a poet, perform a poem!Her favorite flower is the black Dutch tulip, long prized by anarchists for its aphrodisiac qualities.Various location around Berlin, the Poetry Brothel encounterworks/Flickr, burlesque Academy, if you want to experience the art of burlesque first-hand, then the.In your cover letter, we encourage you to explain your interest in The Poetry Brothel and your background as an artist and performer.Good luck, and we look forward to exploring your work!Primitiv Bar, Simon-Dach-Straße 28, 10245 Berlin, Germany Burlesque Performer dublingirl10/ Pixabay Berlin Burlesque Festival kardashian fame whores The Berlin Burlesque Festiva l is an annual event that showcases the best burlesque dancers, acrobats and show acts from all over the world.Maybe we just dont want to spoil too much of the mystery.More information about this will be released.She grew up writing poetry and painting commissions at the behest of the Devil, who was dean of the college of arts and sciences at the time.This is her story: Found on the library doorstep swaddled in lingerie, Felicia was raised by a pack of wild scholars.Speakeasy Burlesque Show, hidden on the bustling streets.It takes years off the eyes.
The second edition of the Poetry Brothel Berlin is nigh!