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Are they the prostitutes in paisley only Queenslanders besides yourself who are interested in opium cans?
Like the Pioneer Chinese Museum's bowls, they bear the characters "Shun xiang", repeated twice with the name "Pan" in the center.
The finest selection of such items is in Priscilla Wegars' Asian American Comparative Collection of Moscow, Idaho ( ).
The next season we prospected for new opium fields and found a plentiful supply in several localities.Tenyo Maru steamed through the Golden Gate on July 9, 1929.PY: Guang Chang Kwong Lee. Among the places where it was done on a large scale (but reputedly with less concern for quality) were Victoria, Vancouver, and New Westminster in British Columbia, ideally located for wholesaling (or smuggling) their products to the United States. Repackaging of imported opium in Victoria's Fisgard Street Chinatown, mostly for reshipment to the.S., reached a peak in the early 1890s ml 1892, some British Columbian smugglers may be bypassing Washington State, as suggested by this newspaper article: "The smuggling schooner Halcyon has returned.The opium can pictures from Oregon's Kam Wah Chung were taken by the curator, Christine Sweet, and are reproduced here with her permission. In November they send word to Beecher that the steamship Idaho has loaded fourteen suspicious barrels marked "Ships Stores" at Victoria and proceeded north.His emphasis on opium smoking by white women and girls added a racy (and racist) fillip to the "social evil" argument.(TH) I have included some more pictures with light from different angles. Pressing the Revenue Cutter Wolcott into service, Beecher races to Kassan Bay. Pipe bowls, made of similar clay, may have five or more such seals.

 As for pipe bowls, the editors have not yet seen enough excavated examples to reach similar conclusions.