Hayes was arrested through the use of a decoy, a procedure that is most effective when prosecuting prostitution-related prostitution areas in richmond va cases, said Mary Thorsberg, assistant district attorney in Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons' office.
Thorsberg said the DA's office handles prostitution-related cases on a daily basis.
They're not going to go through all the trouble of going to the Health Department, getting their records and bringing (them)." If the district attorney's office has knowledge that a woman knows she has HIV and engages in prostitution, she can be charged.At Newell's suggestion, The Memphis Flyer reviewed five years' worth of complaints that occurred at Wayside Inn, formerly the Little Gun Motel, at 1462 Elvis Presley Boulevard.It won't even buy a full tank of gas.Chuck Newell of the Memphis Police Department's Organized Crime Unit.Hayes allegedly approached the decoy and, "after a brief conversation agreed to perform both oral and natural sex in exchange for 40, but refused to get in the decoy's car the arrest report states."I can see this going on, so I know what they're doing he said.Look at the math.Another neighborhood activist, Mary Wilder of the Vollintine-Evergreen Community Association, says most of the motel owners don't care about the neighborhoods in which they operate because they don't live in those neighborhoods."I would say that they would be our number-one problem in the neighborhood says Barry Lincoln, an active member of the Annesdale-Snowden Neighborhood Association, whose boundaries are bisected by Bellevue.The Office of Planning and Development reports that there has not been a single application for a change of ownership for area motels and hotels in that time.Can I get back to you?" "Sure, honey." She tells me her name and gets out, swinging her hips as she walks off.I shut off the engine and turn off the headlights, but I do not get out.No homicides, but seven reported assaults, three robberies, and a stolen car.But the laws seem to lack teeth.Although the court might order anyone arrested for prostitution, patronizing escort etlik prostitution or promoting prostitution to take an HIV test, it's up to that person to return the results to the court.The stings could be held as much as three times a week, he said.

The more profitable hourly-rate establishments make more from one room each day than The Peabody can make with its medium-size rooms, which cost 210 a night.