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The number of lakes with an area larger than 1 hectare (10000 m2) is more than 55000.
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LadyNym on Aug 20 2016.Its reserves are estimated at 2,900 km3, most of which middle eastern escort sydney are in underground reservoirs.United States, the United States has an extensive network of rivers and lakes that cover its territory, which represent about 2 thousand 480 km3 of freshwater.I've been to Wales and have learnt about the wars.Regarding your question to Bosnia.Bangladesh, it is one of the most densely populated countries.Glaciers and perpetual snow occupy about 40,000 km2.Switzerland 86 226 7, india 85 199 8, hong Kong 72 236 9, saudi Arabia UAE 52 161.Other Similar Questions Answers, related FunTrivia Quizzes, return to FunTrivia "Ask FunTrivia" strives to offer the best answers possible to trivia questions.The largest lake situated entirely in Canada is Great Bear Lake (31,328 km2) in the Northwest Territories.The country has a large number of rivers, many of which are an important source of irrigation.Despite the tsunami that struck Indonesia in 2004, Indonesia remains one of the worlds largest potable water-reserves, but again the problem lies in supplying.I'm sure a Silves castle exists, because we were an Ottoman country for 500 years.Access to drinking water and sanitation services in Colombia have been improved significantly during the last decade.Russia, with the oil market falling behind because of over saturation and many magnates losing their shares, Russia has also lost the considerable proportion of its billionaire population that was 118 in 2015.