My mom bought this shirt for.
The striped T-shirt became the comedian's trademark.I bought the same shirt as yours.You, you, you, you, its all about you, you, you you, you, you, you, you.These shirts are the same.Hang up your shirts before they wrinkle.Youre so rock and roll-oll heungeoldaeneun geunyeo Wow, uh tanseongi jeollo nawa Ha ne juwil Around-round garyeodeon goseul ijeun chaero georeumeun neol ttaraga Ho, its all about you, you, you you, you, you, you, you.But, I don't have white shirt.Another rough day in the white shirt.And a white shirt, and that's what you get.The T-shirt was too independent escort kensington small for him.Your T-shirt is on backwards.Tom put his shirt.Without a white shirt, for all I care.I understand that, Inspector, but, you know, the white shirt 's just not in my DNA.He rolled up his shirt sleeves.This shirt needs to be ironed.Tom put his shirt on a hanger.Do you have the shirt one size bigger?Dark blue suit and white shirt.You, you, you, you kkumiji anheun ge deo teukbyeolhae sangsangeul jageukhaneun sillues jeokdanghi pureo hechin deushan Hair waenji deo twineun maepsiya.
These two shirts are made from the same material.

Our shirts are all the same color but are all different sizes.