why prostitution is dangerous

People are beginning to see the hawaii gay escort sense of legalising prostitution for protection and if the law was changed this view would consequently become more widespread.
To suggest that a prostitution in nice france professional draftsman would be able to draw the line more easily than the (I assume) layman who wrote this is disingenuous.For the sake of women and mothers everywhere I sincerely hope Amnesty will rethink their position.The result will always be that some people end up on the wrong side of the line.I believe Amnesty have got it wrong.The position is supported by a large amount of statutory and case law, and is the established position within English law.We can do better, surely, than just make the exploitation of women better regulated.This question is present in many legislative issues, but raises particular problems when it comes to the imposition of civic duties.One need look no further than the opposing argument on this topic: the writer's words could easily be interpreted as arguing in favour of the criminalisation of speed-dating.Swedish Model and, for me, the idea that we should simply accept prostitution as a fact of life is totally wrong.Where do we draw the line?Mary Honeyball says that 'choice' is by no means a given in prostitution - and that for Amnesty to work for the legalisation of prostitution would be a betrayal of its history.Im really disappointed in Amnesty.Legislating in fields better suited for public opprobrium simply risks criminalising people unfairly.At what point is it owed?To do so is only to invite disaster., this would have been an argument made by those who were not in favour of legalising homosexuality in the 1950s.It has turned Germany into a "giant Teutonic brothel as the Economist puts it - and, according to, equality Now, has "empowered pimps and traffickers" in Amsterdam.One may counter this by arguing that this is a country of Christian heritage and institutions, and that the common good is thus defined by the intellectual underpinnings and legacy of the Christian faith.
The dynamic between buyers and sellers of sex ranges from the disrespectful to the downright abusive but theres almost always an inequality at play.
To suggest otherwise is, logically speaking, to put the horse before the cart.

Secondly, I disagree with the idea there can be any real equality between a woman who sells her body and a man who buys.
The idea that women who go into prostitution are exercising 'free choice' just doesnt stack.
The role of charities like Amnesty should be to lift standards up, not drive them down.